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Winning Tactics to Start a Successful YouTube Campaign
05 March 2019

Winning Tactics to Start a Successful YouTube Campaign


In the year 2017, Google came up with an announcement about some changes in AdWords. The changes will permit the advertisers to gain more viewers on YouTube, mainly through smartphones.

Marketers are allowed to target ads for some products or services that are recently searched by the audience. The products are then marked by the relevant marketer and they show the ad to the audience on different platform.

Basically, the videos ads are of three types

  1. TrueView Ads

TrueView is a YouTube video ad format that gives the viewer options to skip the advertisement after five seconds.

  1. Pre-roll Ads

Pre-roll ads are promotional video messages that play before the content the user has selected.

  1. Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads are six-second videos that are available through AdWords and sold on a CPM basis.


As soon as you have created videos and want to advertise on YouTube, you have to create your Videos Ad Campaign. Upload your videos to YouTube and get ready to make settings regarding your advertising campaign. To make settings, you have to go to your Google AdWords account.

Now, let’s understand How to Set Up & Launch a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign. Read the step by step guidelines given below to start a YouTube Ad.


  1. Select Campaign Type and Name

On the right-hand side of the red ‘+ Campaign’ Button, go to the drop-down menu and select ‘Video’ and enter a name for your campaign.


  1. Set Format

To set your video in True view format, select ‘In-Stream or Video Discovery Ads’.


  1. Set Budget

Set your budget on a per day basis and select a delivery method as either the ‘Standard Delivery or Accelerated Delivery’.


  1. Select Networks

Selecting the network is all about choosing where you want your Ad to appear. Your Ad will either appear in YouTube Search or YouTube Videos.

It is suggested that you should create separate Ads for YouTube search and YouTube Videos to get better track performance metrics.


  1. Set Location

After setting the networks, you need to set the location of the users to whom you want to show the Ad.


  1. Language Setting

You can go to ‘Languages’ and choose the language that your customers speak.


  1. Devices Setting

With the help of Devices settings, you can set the eligible devices where your Ads will be shown i.e. computers, mobile, tablet etc. You can also set the device bid adjustments.


  1. Advanced Settings

In advanced settings, you schedule the Ads by choosing the Start Date and End Date. Your Ads will be shown after the Start date and will stop showing after the end date.


  1. Choose Between ‘in-stream’ or in-display’

After naming your Ad group and inserting the YouTube link to the video, you can choose whether you want to run the Ad as an in-stream or in-display.


  1. Bidding & Targeting

Subsequently, you have to limit the maximum price that you will pay for each view and define the audience to whom you want to show the video. You need to target people as per their interests.

You can also try various campaigns for targeting different user groups. It will help you determine the exact number of users who are engaged. There is also an option to target individuals on the basis of keywords, topics, websites etc.


  1. Link Your Account

Finally, you must link your YouTube Channel with your AdWords account and click ‘Finish’ to start your Video Ad Campaign.



YouTube Ads are profitable marketing tools through which you can get better rates. With the above-provided tactics, you can test the Ad Campaign without making any mistakes.

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