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6 Ways That Show the Evolution of Facebook marketing
05 March 2019

6 Ways That Show the Evolution of Facebook marketing


Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds and has created an enviable place in the social media marketing arena. With over 2 Billion monthly active users, marketers are using it day and night to create a separate entity for themselves and catch their globally scattered customers in the best possible manner.

Today, most of us are on Facebook. Whether it’s about sharing images, spreading a piece of information that educates customers, or even getting in touch with your near and dear ones, Facebook doesn’t seem to have any competition whatsoever. Not only is Facebook the world’s biggest social network, it has become the most preferred choice for advertisers, marketers, brand advocates, customer service agencies etc. to intensify their online presence.

Since its inception in the year 2004, Facebook has made several notable changes in order to give a unique personalized experience to each of its customers and get them hooked to it for extended time durations. Today, it has evolved from being just a connecting medium to advertising a video, app and much much more. Let’s take a deep look at how Facebook has evolved over the last decade, and how it is constantly revamping itself to be the industry leader. For your convenience, we have divided this into 2 sections- 2004 to 2010 and 2010 to current date.



The year where it all started. Initially, it served as a medium to connect school students with each other and facilitate mutual interaction.



In the very next year of its inception, it introduced a sidebar on the right side of the user screen that had a list of sponsored ads from partners to be broadcast on the social network. These ads enable Facebook to manage their costs of serving increased users in the due course of time.



Here, Facebook took a revolutionary step and it allowed all users to join and not just college students. In the same year, Facebook joined hands with tech-giant Microsoft as they became the sole provider of sponsored links and banner ads. In the same year, Facebook also introduced the share button that helped users share their content with their friends and families.



Keeping its promise to its users with a constantly evolving interface, Facebook launched its mobile version, and stamped its authority over the competitors. As a result, the user interaction increased, and customers got more and more connected to it.



And then comes 2008, the year when Facebook took a giant leap forward and allowed businesses to create Facebook pages that facilitate their online presence and establish better connections with their customer base.



In 2010, users could like content from sites apart from Facebook, and this simply ensured that content that was taken from any other source apart from Facebook would be able to draw attention to Facebook.



Stepping ahead on its journey to conquer the online marketing world, Facebook started amalgamating interactions amongst the users and this helped the advertisers to gather valuable data about users. Also, the Facebook mobile ads were included with the news feeds to enable the advertisers to ensure real-time bidding and also make the most out of retargeting.



With the introduction of native ads that looked more like carefully designed pieces of content to capture audience attention, advertisers could get maximum ad revenue and get the best results in a cost-effective way.



And talking about the most recent updates, Facebook has introduced live video, 360-degree video and many other innovations that have led users as well as advertisers to get hooked to it and make its best use in order to boost sales and profits.


As an apt conclusion, it can be stated that Facebook has become the undisputed king of the social media world and will be continuing the same for the upcoming years. 


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